Protecting Your Employees from Occupational Health Hazards Can Be Difficult!

MyTERA™ is an interactive application designed to help you characterize, evaluate and manage your occupational health hazards for a healthier workplace!

Solving a Global Occupational Health Problem

Every year, research by the International Labour Organization (ILO) estimates that there are around 160 million work-related illnesses worldwide, causing about 2.78 million deaths, with 2.4 million attributed to workplace illnesses. Hazardous substances like chemicals, pesticides, and radiation contribute to 41% of these fatalities, resulting in 2 workers dying every minute.

Explore the underlying factors below:

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An Increase In Health Hazards

Every 2.5 minutes a new Chemical Abstract Services (CAS) number is created, exceeding 136 million chemical substances. However, there are only 500 enforceable exposure limits to protect people.

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Not Enough Protection

Despite 1.4 billion workers handling hazardous substances globally, there are only 20,000 industrial hygienists (IHs) available. This creates a ratio of 1 IH for every 70,000 employees, insufficient to adequately protect everyone.

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No Resource to Tie Everything Together

There are many resources for workplace health hazards, but no solution that connects everything. The actual number of work-related illnesses is unknown due to the lack of a verification system, relying on individual case investigations.

The Solution

MyTERA™ simplifies risk assessments by streamlining health hazards, task, work, and environmental data into user-friendly Task Exposure Risk Assessments (TERAs), offering comprehensive control recommendations for informed decision-making in workplace safety.

Explore MyTERA's key features:

Consolidates all information into a shared resource center

Centralizing health hazards and their control recommendations in one repository streamlines accessibility, boosting efficiency and maximizing field time.

Utilizes technology to tie everything together

Consolidating health hazards, task details, and environmental conditions, into user-friendly Task Exposure Risk Assessments (TERAs) to provide control recommendations amidst resource constraints.

Helps companies with compliance

Aiding companies in achieving compliance with regulations like Hazard Communication, Personal Protective Equipment, and Respiratory Protection to prevent potential fines.

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